Organizational Assessment Tools

Organizational Assessment Tools

At JansenHR we use assessment tools in every part of our consulting business.

Psychometric assessment tools are widely recognized as a vital component in the selection, development, and retention of top performers for organizations wanting to create a culture focused on innovation, improved performance and long-term success.

At JansenHR we use assessment tools in every part of our consulting business and are considered an industry leader in how we interpret and practically apply the results.

We offer the following suite of corporate assessment tools and will work with you to determine the best match for your organization’s needs

Corporate Assessment Tools

ManagementPOP™: A state-of-the-art online psychometric leadership profiling tool that identifies and provides insight about a person’s natural, “hard-wired” tendencies to assess their critical character traits for leadership success.

SalesPro™: An online tool extensively used worldwide to identify and measure the potential for success in a relationship-based sales environment and designed specifically for the selection and development of consistently high-performing sales people.

Personal Orientation Profile (POP™): Used for recruiting and selecting salespeople for nearly 30 years, the POP™ has been validated in a wide variety of sales cultures worldwide to discover and retain self-managers who will be consistent top performers, particularly in sales scenarios where compensation is primarily based on commission.

ServicePro (CCP)™: The ServicePro (CCP) is an assessment tool specifically designed for the selection, training, and coaching of people for customer service, hospitality, and other roles that require first-rate client/customer relationship management.

EQ-i 2.0 or Emotional Quotient Inventory: The first scientifically validated and most widely used emotional intelligence assessment tool in the world, EQ-i 2.0TM examines in detail a person’s social and emotional strengths as well as their weaknesses across life and workplace performance in 15 key emotional skill areas proven to contribute to leadership success.

360 Pro™: An assessment tool that measures and provides feedback on specific behaviours, competencies, strengths, skills, attitudes and styles related to leadership, communication, goal-setting, coaching strategies, organizational knowledge, problem solving and conflict management.

CheckPoint 360: Used primarily to evaluate the effectiveness of your leaders, this tool provides feedback from direct reports, peers, supervisors, and even customers, with a personalized program for developing specific leadership skills based on that feedback and highlights a leader’s job performance in eight universal leadership competencies: communication; leadership; adaptability; relationships; task management; production; development of others; and personal development.

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