Sports Assessment Tools

Sports Assessment Tools

At JansenHR we use assessment tools in every part of our consulting business.

Psychometric assessment tools are widely recognized as a vital component in the selection, development, and retention of top performers for organizations wanting to create a culture focused on innovation, improved performance and long-term success.

At JansenHR we use assessment tools in every part of our consulting business and are considered an industry leader in how we interpret and practically apply the results.

We offer the following suite of sports assessment tools and will work with you to determine the best match for your organization’s needs

Sports Assessment Tools

CoachPOP™: A normative psychometric profiling tool that assesses the key characteristics associated with success in a coaching position. It measures a person’s motivational structure, comfort with conflict, attention to detail, recruiting ability, leadership/coaching style, emotional intelligence, and other important social-psychological factors related to coaching others.

SportsPro™: A psychometric profiling tool that identifies and assesses the key character traits and psychological competencies associated with success in high performing athletes by measuring their motivational drive, “coachability”, emotional intelligence, pre-competitive state anxiety, competitiveness, team orientation, self-confidence, and other key psychological indicators.

360° SportCoach™: This is a tool designed to gather feedback from the coach’s athletes, colleagues, and supervisors, and compares their assessments about the coach to the coach’s own assessment about themselves. By gathering and comparing the feedback, specific development plans can be designed to address potential “blind spots” with a coach’s natural coaching style and help to increase their overall effectiveness.

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