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Welcome to JansenHR

JansenHR is a premier full-service human resources and leadership consulting company that provides customized talent management solutions for corporate and sports organizations.

We’re passionate about helping leaders in business and sport become the best they can be. We believe that leadership is a skill that can be developed to turn vision into reality. Using direct, firsthand experience we help organizations increase results by developing their people.

We can help you:

  • enhance team performance

  • improve results

  • retain top performers

  • increase engagement

  • develop leaders

  • build a high-performing team

Contact us and let us show you why JansenHR is the preferred choice for the people side of your business.

About Us

Barry Jansen, founder and President of JansenHR, is a senior human resources and leadership consulting professional.

Sports Leadership Services

Coach Development

Regardless of what level you coach at, all coaches share the same challenge: we are held accountable for results but...

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Athlete Selection

Any coach who is responsible for the selection and development of athletes knows all too well that talent...

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Team Building

Coaches of team sports would unanimously agree that team chemistry is fundamental...

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Corporate Services

Corporate Assessment Tools

At JansenHR, we utilize assessment tools as part of our one-on-one leadership coaching, group leadership training, team building, and succession planning...

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Leadership Coaching

At JansenHR, we believe that coaching is a highly individualized process. Simply following prescribed steps from a manual...

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Group Leadership Training

Leadership development is a critical focus area for any organization hoping to achieve success...

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JansenHR is a full service human resources and leadership consulting company. JansenHR can help.

What Our Clients Say

“All great coaches are keenly aware of their strengths, and how best to use them to connect with their athletes and build championship teams. Until now though, coaches have relied primarily on years of painful trial and error and self-reflection to identify their strengths and how best to use them..."

Dr. Wade Gilbert

Author – ‘Coaching Better Every Season’; Editor-in-Chief – International Sport Coaching Journal

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“For the past two seasons since taking over the Everett Silvertips hockey club, I have had the pleasure of working with Barry Jansen. I can tell you first hand, the knowledge and in-depth analysis of our team’s personalities (players and coaches) contributed greatly to building our team’s..."

Dennis Williams

Head Coach – Everett Silvertips (Western Hockey League)

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“In 2017, I completed the CoachPro Profile and as a Coach Educator it was one of the most beneficial tools I have used to become self-aware of who I am and why I react and do the things I do on a daily basis. The process was extremely smooth, with support throughout and being able to complete..."

Niall O’Regan

Coach Education Manager – Football Association of Ireland

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