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About JansenHR

JansenHR is a premier human resource and leadership consulting firm based in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Under the leadership of Barry Jansen, founder and President, JansenHR offers a full suite of professional services all under one roof designed to enhance performance and increase results.

Our company’s passion, enthusiasm, and genuine desire to help others succeed is infectious. We are results-driven and become true partners with those we work with.

About Barry Jansen

Barry Jansen, founder and President of JansenHR, is a senior human resources and leadership consulting professional. During a 30 year career that has included both operational and human resources leadership roles, Barry has achieved many accomplishments in various industry sectors that uniquely positions him to serve his corporate and sports clients effectively.

“Barry has profiled over 6,000 leaders, employees, sports coaches, and athletes over his career.”

Barry has a Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree from the University of Manitoba, a Certificate in Human Resources Management, and a Certificate in Adult Education. He has extensive experience in the use of many psychometric assessment tools and is recognized as one of the best in helping people increase their self-awareness in order to improve their performance. Barry has profiled over 6,000 leaders, employees, sports coaches, and athletes over his career and considers this his passion in life.

A sought-after performance consultant, Barry has developed an enviable reputation for his work with leaders and coaches across North America. He specializes in:

  • leadership and coach development

  • psychometric assessment profiling

  • one-on-one coaching

  • team-building

  • succession planning

  • overall organizational effectiveness

  • programs designed to increase engagement

As a professional, Barry is a member of The Leaders Performance Institute, Human Capital Institute, the Society for Human Resources Management, The Coaches Site, the CPHR Manitoba, the Life Sciences Association of Manitoba, and the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce.

Barry is active in his community and enjoys giving back. He has volunteered his time at Fort Whyte Alive, Winnipeg Harvest, Manitoba Special Olympics, Canada Basketball National U15 & U17 Championships, and the World U17 Hockey Championship. He has also coached hockey, basketball, and archery. Barry was a past Board member of St. Mary’s Academy, Junior Achievement of Manitoba, and while a student at the University of Manitoba, he was the Past President of the Manitoba Chapter of The Wildlife Society.

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