Category: Sports Leadership Testimonials

Category: Sports Leadership Testimonials

Jeremy Cross

“Barry has a very professional approach to his work, a positive debriefing style, and very polished delivery of the results. Thanks Barry for a very productive session.”

John Paddock

“Barry’s experience in sport and knowledge of the tools was greatly appreciated by our club and we would strongly recommend any team at any level and for any sport to use Barry and the profiling tools if you are serious about moving your team forward.”

Stephanie Dixon

“CoachPOP is an incredible tool for coaches to better understand themselves and their coaching style, leading to more effective communication and relationship-building which are the foundations of great coaching.”

Lindsay Walsh

“Participating in Barry’s profile session as a staff was a fun, informative, personal, and team-based learning opportunity that I would highly recommend for any sports team, staff or group looking to achieve a common goal.”

Rob Gale

“I would highly recommend Barry to any team, business, or organization striving for high performance and improved functionality. His unique profiling tool and enjoyable personality and presentation style where a huge benefit for us as coaches and managers and leaders and you will be amazed at some of the findings!”

Andy Reid

“Working with Barry and completing the CoachPOP profile has not only helped with all of this but it’s helped me understand how others best learn.”

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