Category: Sports Leadership Testimonials

Category: Sports Leadership Testimonials

Dr. Wade Gilbert

“All great coaches are keenly aware of their strengths, and how best to use them to connect with their athletes and build championship teams. Until now though, coaches have relied primarily on years of painful trial and error and self-reflection to identify their strengths and how best to use them…”

Sarah Storey

“We engaged Barry Jansen to work with our highly decorated Canadian National Bobsleigh and Skeleton Teams as part of our process to rebuild our culture. Barry’s approach not only helped our athletes, coaches, and staff gain a better understanding of themselves and each other to improve…”

Dennis Williams

“For the past two seasons since taking over the Everett Silvertips hockey club, I have had the pleasure of working with Barry Jansen. I can tell you first hand, the knowledge and in-depth analysis of our team’s personalities (players and coaches) contributed greatly to building our team’s…”

Niall O’Regan

“In 2017, I completed the CoachPro Profile and as a Coach Educator it was one of the most beneficial tools I have used to become self-aware of who I am and why I react and do the things I do on a daily basis. The process was extremely smooth, with support throughout and being able to complete…”

Mark Smith

“As a head coach at the international level, I’m always looking for a competitive edge. The CoachPro and SportsPro are extremely effective information-gathering tools that coaches, managers, and organizations can take advantage of to better support their people…”

Paul Boutilier

“As athletes continue to improve and attain greater heights, it is vital for their coaches to enhance their approach to align and lead. With the CoachPro profile and the in-depth knowledge and expertise of Barry Jansen in explaining and interpreting the results, JansenHR provides coaches with the development stages needed to…”

John Paddock

“I have been involved in hockey, either as a player, coach, or General Manager, for well over thirty years. I have coached in the National Hockey League, the American Hockey League, and the Western Hockey League. Over the years I have come across a number of tools that were designed to help increase…”

Carter Hart

“I thought that the profiling Barry did with our team really helped us understand each other more profoundly. We really became a lot closer to each other after understanding and learning more not just about ourselves, but teammates and coaches as well. Having a team that’s so close knit and…”

Sam Steel

“During our 2016 training camp, I had the pleasure to do the SportsPro profile with Barry. Not only was the presentation extremely well done, but the results that came from it have been very helpful for me as a person and a player. I think the profiles and the exercises that go along with the presentation are…”

Dr. Adrienne Leslie-Toogood

“The CoachPro is an assessment tool that enables a coach to better understand how they are wired, and the implications of this for maximizing their success as a coach. As with any tool, the person facilitating the assessment is as important as the tool that is being used…”

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