Athlete Selection

Athlete Selection

Selecting and developing your athletes is key to success.

Any coach who is responsible for the selection and development of athletes knows all too well that talent and skill alone don’t necessarily equal results.

Ask any successful coach what they attribute their teams’s success to and the answer typically comes down to ensuring they have the “right” athletes on their team.

But how do you define “right”? When we ask coaches and selection committees how they select athletes for their programs, technical skills for the given sport top the list.

What is often overlooked, however, is a deeper understanding of who this athlete is as a person:

  • What type of character do they have?
  • How are they hard-wired?
  • What are their natural tendencies?
  • What is this athlete like away from the ice, field, court, or gym?
  • Are they are team-oriented?
  • Can I coach this athlete?
  • Do they have the inherent drive to succeed?
  • Do they possess the skills required to control emotion, push through adversity, and be mindful of themselves and others?

At JansenHR we work with teams and coaches to answer these questions by using a state-of-the-art assessment tool called the SportsPro.

SportsPro is an extremely effective development tool that provides coaches with an in-depth understanding of each athlete’s strengths and potential for growth.

The SportsPro is specifically designed to select and develop athletes by assessing a number of character traits that contribute to success in highly competitive environments. It provides coaches with a comprehensive assessment of an athlete’s personality, and when used in the selection process can help coaches avoid potential “talent traps”. SportsPro can identify if an athlete possesses the necessary skills to be successful but lacks the drive, motivation, determination, and perseverance to continue to improve in the future.

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